Why Founders Choose to Work With Quadshift.

Tyler Strobel  |  CEO, Strinos

We didn't want to be a number.

Chad Rueffert |  Founder, From Your Friends

Innovation, experience, and talent.

Gary Toste |  Founder, CanadaSDS

Quadshift's value-added services.

We didn't want to be a number.
Autonomy to run our business.
How Quadshift has helped us.
Working with other software leaders.
Innovation, experience, and talent.
Moving our business forward.
Quadshift's value-added services.
Freeing us up to focus on what's important.
How Quadshift has delivered marketing results.

Quadshift's Acquisition Criteria.

Quadshift aims to acquire B2B software companies with the following characteristics:

Vertically-focused B2B software.

Recurring or subscription revenue with low churn.

$500k - $10 million in revenue, profitable.

Market leader or emerging leader.

John Paterson |  CEO, Quadshift

The Culture at Quadshift.

John Paterson |  CEO, Quadshift

Preserving and building your legacy.

Quadshift Deals:
Either 100% cash, or cash plus equity.

You can exit completely or maintain significant upside as a shareholder of a large, fast-growing software company.

We prefer simple deal structures that allow for relatively short legal agreements with little-to-no meaningful post-closing calculations. The simpler the better.

Quadshift's Simple Deal Process.

Step 1
Initial Discovery Meeting

We schedule a brief call to have a high level discussion about your business and your goals. In this call, we gauge our respective interests in pursuing an acquisition now or in the future.

Initial Discovery Meeting
Agreement Signed
Preliminary Information Request Sent
Product Demonstration
Letter of Intent (LOI) Issued
(2-3 weeks)
Due Diligence Requests
and Meetings
Draft of Purchase
Agreement and Legal Docs
Closing (1-3 months after LOI signed)

How We Help.

B2B software is all we do. The Quadshift team are experts at overcoming the challenges common in most small software companies because we see them everyday.

Quadshift supports the development of independent, professional and customer-driven vertical market software enterprises by providing guidance, best practices, and specialized resources that "incubate" professional functions within our businesses.

Still Curious? Learn about what it’s like being a Quadshift Company.

No Two Companies Are The Same…

…but software companies with $500k - $10 million of revenue typically appreciate support from Quadshift in a few key areas.

Marketing and Sales

Quadshift has top performing SaaS creatives, designers, front end developers, branding experts, direct sales, SEO/SEM and direct marketing experts. We can provide direct support, or act as a sounding board when you are crafting your growth initiatives.

Finance and Administration

We help you focus your time where it is best spent (not on finance and admin) and provide you with helpful metrics and insights to help you make better decisions.


Investing in a CRM or looking to automate routine customer touchpoints or operational processes? We can offer guidance from our experts, or work on these projects with you.

Product Development

We can help you with tactics to manage your development resources, find affordable talent or provide strategic guidance on your product vision and roadmap.

Want to Discuss Doing a Deal With Us?

Sign Our Simple NDA

Prefer Paper? Download a PDF version and email it to: info@quadshift.io

Once we receive a signed NDA, we will reach out to connect and send you a countersigned version.