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Chad Rueffert |  Founder, From Your Friends

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Chad Rueffert |  Founder, From Your Friends

Transparent and great to work with.

Predictable and transparent.

A Reliable Buyer You Can Count On.

Track record of closing deals.

Committed capital with an acquisition facility.

Experienced team of M&A professionals.

When interested, we move quickly.

When not interested, we give you feedback.

Software M&A and Operating Professionals.

Quadshift's vertical market B2B software product specialists, creatives, marketers, operators, M&A professionals, financiers, and executives are committed to the successful acquisition and ongoing success of our companies.

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Quadshift’s Acqusition Criteria.

Quadshift acquires B2B software companies with the following characteristics:

Vertical market (industry-focussed) B2B software.

Recurring or subscription revenue with low churn.

$500k - $10 million in revenue and profitable.

Market leader or emerging leader.

Simple Deal Structures.

100% cash, or cash plus equity in Quadshift. Think you have a deal for us?

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